Our School

Welcome to Elysian Heights Elementary Arts Magnet! Our beautiful campus is nestled right below Elysian Park, serving both Elysian Heights and Echo Park neighborhoods.

Our campus includes a beautiful garden, a dedicated artistic space housing both our Visual Arts and Ceramics & Tapestry programs, a movement space dedicated to our Music & Movement and Theater programs, a Cafe-torium housing both an auditorium and a cafeteria, a redesigned computer lab, a spacious outdoor play-space featuring natural plants, grass, and a climbing structure, and beautifully-designed classrooms. 

Our Vision

Elysian Heights Arts Magnet believes children deserve an education intentionally designed and developed around who they are as people: their curiosities, interests, and ideas. 

We work to give our students a progressive education that creates and fosters curiosity and independent learners. This model is inspired by Reggio Emilia practices, in which we work to approach learning through a student-guided and constructivist theory. 



Our Classrooms

Our enchanting classrooms are intentionally designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and developmentally appropriate.  They all feature work spaces for students, student-accessible materials, and a large meeting area. Many of the classroom designs have been inspired by the Reggio-Emilia educational philosophy, including specific learning areas such as an art area, maker's space, construction space, writing center, classroom library, dramatic play, and more. Inside each area are materials chosen to encourage playful learning and curiosity about the world around us. These include clay, watercolors, construction materials such as blocks and magnetic walls, markers, colored pencils, variety of paper to choose from, and so much more.  


A Cat Called Room 8

The Story of Elysian Heights Elementary's Most Beloved Cat
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