Fundraising Thermometer - CouponBirds Seedling ProjectFundraising Thermometer - CouponBirds Seedling Project


The EHArts Pledge supports the Arts & Science programs that make our "little neighborhood school with a whole lotta heart" distinctive.

Our Pledge, along with our Silent Auction and Donovan's Run 5k FUN*raisers work to meet our annual $120,000 goal.

We spend approximately $400 per family on Arts & Science enrichments. We ask that you consider a donation at this level.

If you can give more, please consider doing so to help families who cannot. Every and any amount counts.

We did it! We raised $20,000 for our September Pledge Week!

This is an amazing start to our 2020-21 fundraising year. You are the real superheroes! We truly appreciate your time, energy and support. Thank you!

PS: It's not too late to donate!


Ways to give:

  1. Donate & Share!
  2. Employer Matched Donations: Ask your employer or Click here.
  3. Checks made out to: Elysian Heights Parent Association
    • Mail to: 1562 Baxter St, Los Angeles, CA 90026

All donations are tax-deductible (Tax ID 85-5042402)


For inquiries: [email protected] 

Your charitable donation will go directly to educating our children in the following programs:

Your charitable donation directly supports EHArts Arts & Science Programs, which is outstanding because...


Arts Education is Important!

Arts education in elementary school has a remarkable impact on students' academic, social, and emotional outcome. The Arts:

  • Improve academic performance.
  • Develop empathy, fine motor skills, and the ability to focus and collaborate.
  • Increase civic engagement, social tolerance, and social/emotional wellness.

Our EHArts Pledge Programs include

  • Musical Arts: Theory, notation, vocal & instrument technique, solfege, connecting core academics with music, improvisation and collaboration.
  • Visual Arts: Basic art elements, ceramics, experimental painting on canvas, costume making, book making, tapestry weaving and printmaking.
  • Theater Arts: Story-telling methods from global traditions, theater games, improvisation, design arts, writing, performing, and producing.
  • 5th Grade Catalina Marine Science Camp: A hands-on experiential science, utilizing state of the art labs and equipment, increases science literacy and environmental stewardship.
    • An alternative to our Science Camp is in the works for our 2021 graduation.