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After School Clubs

After school clubs are a great way to explore new sports, arts and interests. All clubs are free (except Breakdancing), typically start at 2:55pm, and last 1 hour.

If your child is in LA's Best, EYS or Prime Time, they will report to these programs as usual after school dismissal, and will get their snack before going to the after-school program. They will then return to these programs after the club is over.

If your child is NOT in an after school care program (LA's Best, EYS, Prime Time), but IS in an after school club (Garden, Running, Ballet, etc) - a family member will need to be *with* the student from school dismissal until the club begins

Please talk to Principal Garza if you'd like to start a new club!

  • *Parents and guardians must be sponsored by a staff member or have own insurance
  • *Parents and guardians must complete an LAUSD background check


Please fill out the form at the bottom of the Volunteer page if you'd like to help with any of our after school clubs.

  • Garden: Learn how to tend the garden while creating art and snacking on fresh veggies.
  • Ballet: Learn fundamental and choreography.
    • *K-5th
    • *This class is offered by an outside instructor
  • Basketball: Learn ball-handling, fundamentals and teamwork.
  • Karate: Learn blocks and kicks. All students start as white belts and are able to test for the next level.
    • *K-1st only
    • *Location: Auditorium
    • *This class is offered by an outside instructor.
  • Running: Enjoy the Elysian Park trails as you build endurance.
    • *K-5th, Kinder students must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
    • *Location: Meet in the office
    • *Instructor: Principal Garza
  • Ceramics: Explore and create with guidance to learn techniques to improve your skills beyond the classroom.
  • Theater: Students write and produce an original production performed every spring.
    • *1st-5th
    • *Location: Auditorium
    • *Instructor: Emily Kosloski (Theater teacher and EHArts parent)
    • *Instructor: Amy Trevino (Kindergarten teacher and EHArts parent)
  • LEGO Robotics:
    • *K-5th
    • *This class is offered by an outside instructor
  • Breakdancing (paid):
    • *K-5th
    • *This class is offered by an outside instructor