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Donnovan's Run

Donnovan's Run is special simply because Donnovan was special.

Donnovan Castellanos was an Elysian Heights fourth grader who was very involved at school. He competed in spelling bees, worked hard to be a top student, ran for student council vice president and when it came to Elysian Heights' annual 5k he'd only settle for being in the top three. Donnovan was sweet, had a giving heart and never wanted anyone to feel left out. His grandma would give him money so he could buy candy or a toy but he'd insist on giving it to the homeless or anyone in need.

He was selfless. He was special.

Donnovan loved to make people laugh. And he really loved football. He had played since he was 4 years old in the PeeWee division. #4 was his number. The Green Bay Packers were his favorite team, a love he inherited from his dad. Donnovan always played with the older kids and never gave up, complained or cried. He was a skinny, little guy with a never-quit attitude. His teammates called him Dragon Heart. 

He was small but mighty. He was special.

In 2015 Donnovan suffered a severe asthma attack. Donovan's heart, liver and kidneys were donated to help others live. His parents knew he'd want to help others.

The goal of our Elysian Heights 5K is simple: build community, inspire a healthy lifestyle and raise funds for school enrichments. 15% of the proceeds go to the American Lung Association in honor of Donnovan.

Donovan's Run is our biggest and final fundraiser of the year with an emphasis on business sponsorships. It is 80% of our annual $120,000 fundraising goal.

Watch Principal Garza talk about our 5k

Due to the pandemic, we've decided to wait until 2022 for our next Donovan's Run. We miss our friends and family, and can't wait to see you again. 

Full 2023 5k Info Coming Soon