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Equity Committee

The Equity Committee is a collaborative of faculty and parents dedicated to fostering an inclusive school community by exposing the effects of racism in education and working to eradicate those influences in our school community. The committee works to provide educational resources for faculty, staff and parents to infuse our curriculum and culture with greater social awareness, a commitment to anti-racism and inquiry based learning that honors every student's voice and experience. We work to decolonize our approach to education and discipline, ground ourselves in historical accuracy as it pertains to race in our country and highlight the lives and contributions of BIPOC people in the U.S. and beyond. 


AAPI Heritage Month: The Arts

AAPI Heritage Month: Liberation Movements

AAPI Heritage Month

Daunte Wright, Adam Loredo and Police Violence

A Message About Our AAPI Community

Elysian Heights & Anti-Racism

Black History Month: Introduction

Black History Month: Art & Performance

Black History Month: Liberation Movements

Black History Month: Scientists & Inventors

Black History Month: Athletes

An Introduction from the Equity Committee


Teacher Liaison: Kathryn Sutherland

Parent Liaison: LeTania Kirkland Smith - [email protected]